The most commonly used compressor types are piston and screw compressors. Piston compressors can be used widely, including for home, hobby, small industry and workshop use.

Screw compressors are most often used in industry, as they provide high air transport in continuous operation.

In addition to the sale of compressors, we undertake the installation, warranty and beyond-warranty servicing of compressors.

Our stock is based on the products of the following manufacturers:

ATLAS COPCO, FINI screw compressors and piston compressors


Air tanks

We undertake the installation of vertical and horizontal air tanks (from 150 up to 3000 litres) and the completion of licensing procedures.

The tanks of compressors we deliver and the separate tanks are also subject to notification, as well as V=1000 liters; Above PS=10 bar size (PSxV > 10000) they require an official permit, which must be obtained from the regionally competent Authority of the MKEH. From the preparation of the licensing plan to obtaining the commissioning license for the pressure equipment, we undertake the official administration.

Air dryers

One of the important tasks of air preparation is the removal of water vapour from the compressed air. The presence of water is harmful in several ways:

  • causes corrosion on the inner surface of the fittings,
  • it can freeze and thus make vital equipment inoperable,
  • reduces the useful volume of the air tanks, thereby reducing the amount of energy that can be stored in them.

There are several options for removing vapour.

Atlas Copco
Emerson | Aventics
AZ Pneumatica
John Guest
M&M International
Metal Work