Metál Légtechnika csapata

Metál-légtechnika kft. from 1993

Brand-independent pneumatic specialist dealer, all available technologies and brands at one place. Useful solutions, combined with a favorable price-value ratio.

At us, the customer comes first! We do everything in order to help our customers with their work with the warehouse and services that best meet their needs.

We know that purchasing tasks are sometimes a huge burden on our customers, and they also need to find the best supplier. The multi-threaded procurement makes it even more difficult to control and hold suppliers accountable and increases the amount of work. In addition, the responsibility of selection also puts pressure on the purchase buyers.

We take the weight off your shoulders!

Advantages that make your work easier:

  • we offer you an extremely wide range of products and an exceptionally high level of service.
  • all this at a competitive price. Our list prices are always the same as the list prices of brand representatives.
  • with our help, you can significantly reduce the number of your suppliers and thus the amount of your tasks.
  • geographical distance is not an obstacle. Products delivered from the warehouse are delivered within 24 hours.
  • payment terms and conditions can be under discussion
  • internet shopping option
  • we undertake customized storage, so you do not have to keep most of the spare parts in stock.

Our advantages for technical professionals:

Without brand representation considerations, we can only provide an offer that meets the interests of the Customer, selected from a wide variety of products. Thanks to our well-prepared specialists and the wide selection, we have a solution for every extreme case. Most of our customers are well-trained professionals and usually find their way around the range of brand representatives and may not need our advice. But!

It is rare such a user who has not been in a difficult situation yet due to long delivery times, technical limitations, price issues or others.

Our experience is that in such cases, the staff of Metál-Légtechnika Kft. can provide practical help, as their activities are not limited by brand protection, and they have knowledge about a wide range of products. They are professionally prepared, they regularly participate in manufacturers’ trainings and courses, thus they are excellent at navigating in the widest selection and know the advantages and disadvantages of various items.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

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